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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Clifton v Palumbo


1) Palumbo was negotiating to buy Clinton's estate.

2) Clifton(plaintiff) offered his land (Estate) to Palumbo for  600,000 sterlings.

Clifton wrote to Palumbo ; June 7,1943
“I…am prepared to offer you…my Lytham estate for£ 600,000…I also agree that a reasonable and sufficient time shall be granted to you for the examination and consideration of all the data and details necessary for the preparation of the Schedule of Completion."

Palumbo sued Clifton when he didn't want to sell for that price.
Clifton appealed to the Court of Appeal as he sought a declaration that there was no contract.

Lord Greene in CA Held : Not a contract, merely an ITT.


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