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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Biggs v Boyd Gibbins

P : Biggs
D: Boyd

Defendant :
I offer 20,000 to buy your house

Plaintiff :
For a quick sale, I would accept  £26,000

Defendant :
I accept your offer 

Defendant didn't want to sell the house later on, Courts ordered specific performance 
as it was held the words ' I accept your offer ' was an acceptance of the offer.

Binding contract formed.

First letter - Offer
Reply to letter - Acceptance

Offer + Acceptance = Contract.


  1. did you mean plaintiff didn't want to sell the house later on..?

  2. Or do u mean defendant dint want to buy the houz later which made plaintiff sue

  3. there was a mistake in ur case breifin pls do ur assignment well bfore u post blash